My goal is to use each day to pursue the next right thing… whether that’s choosing to love and serve my husband in a special way, give to or lean on a friend, make healthy choices with what I eat, do my best as I work to complete my master’s degree in counseling, strive to encourage and empower women leaders in my church, support and creatively manage details at work, or set aside time each day to strengthen my personal relationship with Jesus… each day… each moment… is a choice… what I do with it is up to me.

All that said, I have to actively and intentionally work to fight the natural seduction of laziness (sleeping in with hours of watching HGTV, the Food Network, ABC Family movies, endless reruns of Friends, etc.), junk food (cheeseburgers, pizza, ice cream, anything with pasta or cheese) discouragement and pride. My goals for 2012 have been to: loose my remaining 25 pounds (avid fan of Weight Watchers and the loving accountability of my husband), add in more activity and exercise to my weekly routine, gain greater consistency in my time spent in prayer and reading Scripture, plan monthly date nights with my hubby (with no phone, TV or other distraction), strengthen the focus of prayer in our marriage and come up with a plan for what in the world I am going to do in January after graduation. Discouragement can come in realizing that there is always more to do, more to be. But, when I remember that I was very precisely, fearfully and wonderfully created (Psalm 139:13-16), I am strengthened to keep on becoming… I am an endless work in progress.


About melanieahill

I am a wife, graduate student, church staff member and most importantly, a work in progress. I am studying to become a licensed professional counselor and I absolutely love to cook.... and eat. I also love to travel, do some basic gardening and maybe one day I'll be a mom. There's a lot that I've learned in my 30 years, but I also know there's a lot more to go. It's an exciting journey!


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