Fun Ideas…

So, I love understanding personalities…. and I love organization…. why not mix the two? This idea from Real Simple was great this morning!

Take their quiz to learn if you are right-brained or left-brained and get tips for what might work best for your organization style!

Just a fun, random tool for today… 🙂 I, by the way am left-brained, but I think the sides of my brain are sometimes at war with one another, the right-brained, artistic and creative side often fighting desperately to come out and win and make the left side calm down and relax a little!


About melanieahill

I am a wife, graduate student, church staff member and most importantly, a work in progress. I am studying to become a licensed professional counselor and I absolutely love to cook.... and eat. I also love to travel, do some basic gardening and maybe one day I'll be a mom. There's a lot that I've learned in my 30 years, but I also know there's a lot more to go. It's an exciting journey!

One response to “Fun Ideas…

  1. I was tied. No wonder I have a hard time organizing and keeping the house clean. I can’t even decide if I’m right or left brained. lol.


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