BFF Trip

I’ve had the same best friends since middle school. I’m realizing more and more how rare of a feat this is… Sure, we’ve had some ups and downs, and some phases of life that caused us to be more distant than others… but we have stuck it through… we’re going on 20 years together! They have been who I have depended on in good times and bad, with no fear of their loyalty or honesty. Good friends are supportive and fun to be around and often times come and go… but best friends are willing to challenge you, spur you on and make sacrifices to show you how much they care. They really are forever, and they are hard to find.

Lots of people have said that three’s a crowd, especially in the girl-world. But somehow we have made it work… it’s been great for us. As we have gotten older, the three of us have had to be intentional about keeping in contact and further building our relationship with one another. One now lives in northern Indiana, the other in Ohio… and me, I’m here in Tennessee. Thankfully, they humor my hours of driving throughout the week with phone calls. When they come to town to visit family, we try to plan at least a lunch or dinner or something. The last visit from both of them meant that I joined a family BBQ with one and a grocery trip with the other. We’ll take what we can get, haha.

When we graduated from high school, we took a senior trip to the beach. In some form, we have tried to take some sort of trip together every year since then. It hasn’t always worked out… they were both married 7 years before me and have children, so some years were hit or miss. And, like I said, some phases were a little more distant than others. But, it’s a tradition that we strive to continue. You see, these two friends also introduced me to Tony. He had joined their small group through church (before they moved to different states) and they had gotten to know one another pretty well. He had built pretty good friendships with their husbands. I didn’t live in the same city at the time, but am so thankful that he spent some time on his own with my friends to fall in love with them (almost as much) as I have. So now… we take yearly trips as couples! We’ve just finalized dates for this year’s trip in August and I can hardly wait! Tony and I also try to go to where they are to visit and spend some time with the kids at least once a year as well. Last trip to Indiana was in the fall… next trip to Ohio is in July! Here’s a pic from one of our past times together – New Years 2011 in Ohio…


About melanieahill

I am a wife, graduate student, church staff member and most importantly, a work in progress. I am studying to become a licensed professional counselor and I absolutely love to cook.... and eat. I also love to travel, do some basic gardening and maybe one day I'll be a mom. There's a lot that I've learned in my 30 years, but I also know there's a lot more to go. It's an exciting journey!


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